rowing photography

hi, my name is kerry and i row. this is just a little blog dedicated to capturing the beauty of rowing. enjoy.

From the old days, Gilder Boathouse on the Housatonic River, Yale University

Sculling among the cherry blossoms, Washington, DC
I learned two things from my races this weekend…


1. Sometimes your equipment fails you. It’s important to focus on the positive components of the race, not the aspects that were out of your control.

2. Be polite to your competitors. You don’t by any means have to like them, but the respect and courtesy you show towards other boats says a lot more about your team than the number of medals you’ve won.

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The legendary Harvard Weld Boathouse on the Charles River. Home of true American rowing heritage. (at Weld Boathouse)

Practice. Patience. Persistence.
30 Reasons Why I Love Rowing


  1. It’s the absolute best way to spend time.
  2. Fun + physical fitness = pure joy
  3. It’s unique.
  4. Everyone can be involved.
  5. Races don’t require any running.
  6. Regatta weekends are the best weekends.
  7. You learn so much more than just “how to row.”
  9. Team bonds
  10. The bond between all rowers…


This is what I live for.
successful day at the lindamood regatta!

I brought home a gold in the women’s J4 & J8, along with a bronze in the V8, helping to win our team the championship cup in the women’s division!